News from Neary

Last week March 15th on a field trip with Live Oak Elementary we spotted the first Black-Crown Night Heron AND an American Bittern in nearly the same spot. At the end of the boardwalk before you enter woodland forest at Neary you look out across the water to the nearest island and just to the left– where a thick bunch of tule stands just behind a protruding willow branch was where we spotted both birds.

We have also been regularly spotting a Red-Tailed Hawk, standing on the floating boardwalk by the bat box,  perched high on a dead tree top to the left of the tall church cross. More reports next week from Neary–who knows how this recent storm has changed our local wetland!

Pair of Cinnamon Teal

This pair of brilliantly colored ducks are just a few of the Cinnamon Teals that have been spending time in the lagoon for about a month. We’re hoping that they will decide to stay in the area to build their nests!

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